Apostle Denise P. Isaac is the Founder of All That God Is International Ministries, that was set-up in the year 1999 but incorporated in the year 2000, and the same year All That God Is International Outreach Centers was opened and maintained until Apostle Isaac closed those doors in 2011, which Lucinda Brown her daughter was the pastor. Apostle Isaac mentors and is the Spiritual Advisor of a small, hand-picked group of youths that she oversees and directs spiritually. All That God Is Youth Fellowship, LLC is in the Homestead and Florida City area and is a Non-Denominational Christian-based, deliverance ministry, based on the Apostle’s (Apostolic) doctrines,principles, and teachings of the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ Himself being the Chief Cornerstone and Founder of the ministries. The fellowship is geared towards the focus of the youths in those areas.


Apostle believes in the five fold ministry gifts and the manifestations and operations of the gifts and fruit of the Spirit. She believes in the supernatural, with signs, wonders and miracles, by the laying on of hands, while also praying and speaking the Word of God. There is nothing more awesome than to see the manifestation of God's power working in and through a person's life. This powerful "WOMAN OF GOD" exists to demonstrate and activate the Apostolic anointing, the power of God, and the life changing experiences from His indwelling spirit, into the lives of others. SHE IS A STRONG ADVOCATE AND ADAMANT TEACHER OF "HOLINESS" AND RIGHTEOUS LIVING.

 The Apostle is non-compromising and confronts the enemy’s camp (Kingdom of Darkness) at all cause. She specializes in total deliverance with miracles and good results, exploring every aspect of the God-given talents that the Holy Spirit has bestowed upon her. Apostle Isaac systematically teach, train, equip and raise up leaders, warriors/soldiers to be armed and dangerous to their enemy (Satan) and his allies (demons, principalities, strongholds, etc.), combating the fiery darts and attacks that are sent against them. Alcohol and Drug abuse, gang violence, homelessness, domestic violence, elderly abuse, mental instability, depression and multiple evils are on the rise; and must be strategically dealt with. Apostle Isaac believes that she "must" do whatever is needed to see that not only the Body of Christ excels as Christ intended but also for everyone who needs assistance and deliverance. Righteousness, holiness, agape, and integrity with a spirit of excellence are the Apostle's forte. “All That God Is” is truly a lifestyle that helps you understand God, yourself and others, while revealing the divine purpose and order of God in and through your life (holistically). 

Apostle Denise Isaac is determined to impact and empower those in the communities at large and the nation with an awesome  anointing to destroy yokes and bondages that holds people captive. Apostle Isaac operates in the true love of God (agape) while the manifestations of the gifts of the Spirit functions freely in and through her life. She walks what she talks and lives what she gives. She believes in and teaches “All That God Is.”, being perfected as He is in the spirit of HOLINESS. Apostle Isaac has a “zero tolerance” for making occasion for the flesh to sin with the liberty where Christ has set us free indeed, as well as having the mindset to believe anything other than what the Word of God declares to be true. She believes that the Holy Spirit is a keeper to those who desires to be kept.

Apostle Isaac has an awesome gift to birth and transform leaders regardless of gender, belief system, low self esteem, low self confidence, race, culture, or past situations. She has a way of stirring up your gifts within, bring healing, deliverance and wellness to all who believes and cooperates with the principles given. Apostle truly believes that it is the Love of God that makes the change through her life that reaches out to the lives of people. Denise Isaac was born on October 28, to the late Arthur and Lucille Timmons and raised in Miami, Florida (Overtown). She is the proud mother of three daughters: Prophetess Latressa Isaac-Thomas, Pastor April Isaac and Pastor Lucinda Isaac-Brown, who are also poets; five talented grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren. She accepted Christ as Lord over her life in 1974, through the leading of the now Bishop Jerome Dar Es Salaam. at the House of God Miracle Temple Apostolic Faith. She was licensed as a Missionary in 1982 under the leadership of the deceased Bishop Anna and William Stevenson who she considers both to be "Apostles", of the “House of God Miracle Temple, Apostolic Faith, Inc.” in Miami, Fl on N. W. 59th Street. She was later promoted as a pastor and ordained by Pastor Rod Parsley of World Harvest Church in Columbus, Ohio in the year 2000. Later she was called, confirmed and sent by God as His Ambassador/Apostle to the Nations in 2002, which she has reached many souls throughout the world internationally, especially through the internet through her blogs and social media sites, where many have confirmed this by her followers.

 Apostle Isaac founded South Florida Community Development Corporations Inc. which she has utilized to assist, serve and empower the indigent in the communities at large in South Florida for many years, until she was no longer able to maintain a committed board, team with support, integrity and visions to take the organization to the desired level. Besides being an author and a poet, she is also a Registered Nurse (she graduated with honors), served and also worked as a surety agent (bails bond person). Apostle Isaac is a Philanthropist, Pacesetter and  a People's person who has received numerous awards which includes the Manchester Who’s Who Award, a member of the International Society of Poets, a certified pastoral member of the Sarasota Academy of Christian Counseling where she received her Bachelor’s of Arts with honors. Apostle Isaac has always assisted in changing someone's life or at least taking a life to another and better level from where it is or was. Prior to Senator Ted Kennedy's death, he personally wrote her a letter thanking her for her prayers during his time of illness. She has a degree in Human Services-Generalist where she also graduated with honors at Miami Dade Wolfson Campus. She attended Liberty University online for religious Studies but later decided to embark upon other avenues for her creative abilities. She was awarded a Proclamation from Mayor Roscoe Warren of Homestead, Florida, on October 25 ,2002… and this day was proclaimed her day! This same day Elder James Nelson confirmed through an ordination service as man's way of acceptance in being an Apostle, by the laying on of hands.  She understands that an Apostle is sent by God and "NOT" an ordination by man nor self exaltation. Apostle Isaac considers it a great honor that God has allowed her to share His love, message, talents, gifts and life with a searching and confused world, holistically and internationally. She has an unusual and profound way of sharing, caring and expressing love that’s beyond a natural touch. To her, “love” is life itself and without “love” there is no sense of being or belonging. Love is an experience, not just a knowing, a life full of challenges and definitely worth showing. She is also a songwriter, and her songs are being sung today in churches, and has written, produced and sung several of them herself. I can truly say –she’s a lady after God’s own heart, exemplifying a spirit of excellence in whatever she does while doing whatever she can to show "All That God Is" to the people she encounters, and A SERVANT TO ALL with grace. So, Remembering the words of this Apostle: Where there is NO Jesus, there is NO justice and where there is NO God, there is NO definitely Good!!!! May you come to "KNOW" her as she is, because of, as He is.

Founder/Pioneer: Apostle Denise P. Timmons-Isaac

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