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Sitting here thinking on some things and wondering what's the next step. I have embarked upon many tasks to enhance my profile or rather my repertoire. I know that many are wondering what is it that they must do at such a time as this and many may say they do not know what they should do.

Well you should take out some time to reflect upon what it is that you have done so far or what it is that you would want to do in life. Then you make it your business to target it and hit it head on with faith knowing that you will accomplish it. Do not allow your own mind, pass failures, haters or doubt to deter you from the new task at hand.

Every good gift comes from God and they are given to us to be used effectively for Him and the people who need the gift, including you. It's always better to give than to receive. We were created to serve and to be available to others when our gifts and talents are warranted and accepted.

Reflecting brings on a sense of profound and deep inner searching, realizing things that were never realized or thought upon before. You think on what is and was and how to improve yourself if needed in any area to succeed. It is like a cleansing process as well and it gives you a sense of knowing and wanting to do something about what has been revealed or surfaced while reflecting. We all have things that we want to do, forget as well as recover. Whatever it is, you need the time to get the directions and wisdom as to how you will go about obtaining that goal or purpose.

Be still sometimes, shut your eyes, shut your mouth, shut your ears, shut you down sometimes, and observe the response of yourself or the reaction of the process at hand. When you shut down, you become more open to the things that the Lord has for you, as well as want to say to you. You will have a clearer mind, conscience and your spirit free and purer at that point.

Everyone gets a different response or reaction depending on the length of time used to reflect and how they reflect, as well as their motive. Reflections can be positive or negative, but I am attempting to provoke the positive out of you. If anything negative should surface, it is your place to deal with it, reject it or ignore. Whatever is best for you and your inner peace is what you might want to do to continue forward.

You are absorbing the internal and the external feelings and the forces that have been there but not activated, due to you not allowing yourself the time to reflect upon it. There is a consumption of wealth in knowing what you have available to you to reflect, experience and take in everything. Reflecting does not help just you, but the people who you meet, by allowing a free flow of the will to release pure actions and thoughts towards others and self.

Be able to handle the reflecting process for some things may surface that you may have wanted to stay hidden, but all things must be dealt with righteously, appropriately and accordingly. It is a cathartic experience, eliminating everything that has held you bond, confused or captive. It is an experience that you should do for yourself, often eliminating unhealthy characteristics that are not conducive to your growth, development or success.

Reflect now upon this: You are not just sitting but you are embracing a day of reckoning where you are being adorned and crowned with a mantle of peace, joy, happiness, success, and prosperity. You see yourself in that place that you have always dreamed of being. You are realizing a place of accomplishment and purpose. You know that you are directed towards your desired and created destiny. It is a serene scene, an ambiance of profound beauty and excellence. You know that you have arrived and you or no one else can do nothing about it, for God is with you every step of the way. You have accomplished every dream, eradicated every doubt, and ignored every hater and negative attack, as well as being more confident than ever. Come on and dream it, see it, taste it, embrace it, know it and go for it TODAY, right now. Do not allow anymore procrastination, while you go for the experiment of a lifetime and dream. There is NOTHING that can deter or hinder it because you are a child of the ALMIGHTY God.

A QUOTE: When people do not want to be bothered with you on today, and that day is over and gone, remember to remind them not to bother you on your days of tomorrow when you’ve arrived to that place of purpose and your destiny of prosperity.

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