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America! It’s my country tis of thee; America! Never was a sweet land or liberty for me. You are not what you used to be. There have been so many changes that have taken place in this country, as well as the various cultures that we have embraced, considering them our brothers and sisters. America has always been a welcoming country and one of vast resources to include everyone in on the takings. However, over the past several decades our beautiful America has succumb to situations that are neither feasible nor conducive to the growth, migration or prosperity it once knew, represented or offered. All of those welcomed are not getting through.

One of the pitfalls that have played a significant part in America’s change is our way of political affairs. The citizens take on a mindset believing that whoever they elect in office based upon the debates, criteria, promises and even appearances will always be carried out as stated. Nevertheless, the citizens fail to realize that the main excuse so often used for their own failings as being human; should also be an excuse or justification for the nominations of their political choice. I feel there should be a one-party rule, as the declaration stipulates “One Nation/Party under God”, and just maybe there will be some congruence among “all” people.

 So far there has not been one male or female, who was able to come to any suggestion, satisfaction and even with seduction to make a great impact on the beloved America. Where there is greed, there is a desire to continue feeding the insatiable longings of self and nobody else. Many consequences occur because we tend to rely more upon those who appear to be most popular, rather than those who have consistently shown behaviors to be trustworthy. The status quo, fame, appearances, looks and the bling have blinded the eyes of the people down through the years and now no one; nowhere knows how to put old Humpty America back together again.

The violence, poverty, bigotry, racism, flip flopping laws, diseases, drug and alcohol addictions are all too common and seen as norm in our society today. There is such a liking and embracing of things that are substandard.  If the politicians and leaders are lacking in the area of trust and integrity, then how on earth shall America recover. God is rejected, in whom they once trusted, the very person needed to reverse the curse. Everyone, including the politicians needs to be in sync to seek ways to destroy these various demons that have crept in to destroy not only our nation but our nationalities.  Whatever happened to “Together we Stand, and Divided We Shall Fall”, or how about “It’s not what Your Country can do for You but What you can do for Your Country?” These trues are self-evidenced and yet remains effective enough to make the change that is so often sort after and needs to be implemented back into our mindsets, as well as America.

The politicians with their agendas need to reflect their rhetoric into actions that they voice repeatedly during the debates and about the real change needed for obtaining and maintaining America’s beauty. They need to find ways to unite as parties so that our society may become a unified body from their out-front examples that is shown. Whenever all leaders start being the change, America and the world will embrace true change. Whenever an example is shown there is a lesson learned whether it’s good or bad, right or wrong. A leader must have a real love, life and lesson for the people to like, learn and listen to whatever is being conveyed to them. They must observe the transformation that was stated to take place and carried out. The people will then regain confidence not only in the leaders but our society and one another, knowing that true change is attainable.  It’s really everyone’s responsibility to exemplify the greatest good in life to contribute to a better society where all are comfortable and continuously progressing holistically. However, our politicians have failed and all other leaders in some way or another, which have left such a distrust and illusion in our society, causing the citizens to stray from the standards and morals warranted for the advancement of the people. The preachers are not omitted because it is their mandate to be as Jesus demonstrated, which was holy and integrity being top standards. However, the majority have become as the politicians, giving no hope or a life that declares victory.

“America, America, and God shed His grace on thee and crowned thy good with “Brotherhood” from sea to shining sea.” We the people need to bring a rebirth, revival and redemption to America to uphold its principles that it stipulated though ignored. Every statement of every contract that constitutes unity for all needs to be carried out without exceptions. It was never once honored or ever stood for, for all people in every aspect holistically; because it hasn’t been and has become numb to its own standards. It has ignored and violated its own constitution, creed and contract of “All Men Are Created Equal and to have liberty and justice for ALL.” It is a nation that seems destined to self-destruct. What beauty as it used to be, when such practices as slavery topped the charts; and while racism, bigotry, hatred and violence continues to grow and show themselves daily. America cannot get no better if no one steps up to stand out against the people pleasing mentality, the selfish and greedy attitude that only cares about me, mine and thine or the lone ranger mindset to do as one pleases. I cannot forget nor should America to uphold the clause “In God We Trust.” Santa have gotten more respect, reverence and recognition then the God of this universe, the clause they seem to remember. However, it will continue to wrestle with those who have grown weary, disillusioned and bitter from all the drama, lies, misguided and broken systems handed down from generations to generations, causing a worldwide dilemma of continual heartaches, headaches and pain.

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