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I believe that it is very important for "YOU" to truly understand the concept of “INTEGRITY.” I honestly believe that there are too many people who don’t have a clue to the true meaning and essence of this word. I am inspired by the people who choose to embrace this quality and truly understand its meaning. Apparently, life issues and circumstances have caused many to believe that integrity is a myth because of the distrust. We are to live a life of integrity but selfishness, sin, flesh, hatred and jealousy have caused it to deteriorate. The innocence of the children is jeopardized in our present society, because there is NO true example or guide to direct them in a good and more excellent way.

When we engage God, or come in covenant with Him, it gives us a sense of purpose and a willingness to submit our will to Him fully. We take on the mindset to say that we will do whatever it takes to please Him and make the relationship work. This is basically the concept for any relationship you encounter. It takes honesty, sincerity and having dignity to satisfy anyone in a relationship, especially the Lord. There is a lack of all the above traits in our society today whereas people have become clones to the drones that set examples of complex and mediocre standards. People within our own circles tend to agree to disagree on the truth of what is right to do rather than taking a stand disagreeing with the majority who chooses to do it their way, instead of doing it God’s way, which I say the right way. People need to agree and submit to walk in their own integrity. A person “must” be consistent in their actions 24/7, 365 days a year.

We have gravitated to the lesser standards to please others by compromising the things we hold dear and "KNOW" is and should be "RIGHT" and true. Our sense of wanting to belong for many reasons has caused a breaking in the moral fiber of this world. We will almost DO anything for anyone, to have anything we desire at any time, even when wrong. There are more people who would rather be recognized rather than being respected. What a shame it is and a shame we have become to a Holy God, our Father, families and friends in our thinking, reactions and actions. There is a slow death from suffocating in the whirlwind of dishonesty, lies, manipulations, greed, cheating, and so much more of the entanglement of the web of deceit. People need an oxygen mask of pure and unde

filed air from relationships that are "NOT" tainted, twisted, taunted nor teased. We will never be able to see a positive change in our lives, families or society, if the change does NOT begin within each one of us.









Y-ielding themselves in honesty and truth.

To be continued Part 2

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