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There is a desire for people to be understood, loved, accepted, appreciated and celebrated without any ulterior motives that are hiding or lurking in the darkness of one's heart towards them. Integrity is a rare entity but a real necessity. It should "NOT" be rare, being that so many people claim to be Christ-like (Christians), and something that Jesus mastered daily. We are to imitate the Lord in every aspect of our lives and you should desire to do so as He desires and commands, always.

We seem to deny the importance of what is important, to satisfy what is not that important but it pleases our flesh and circles (people). We have become more self-centered and men-

pleasers rather than God-pleasers. If there is no God, there will never be no good at all at any time. So, for us to be without the fullness of God, there would not be the totality of integrity of one’s character. People no longer have an understanding or rather a desire to have a commitment anymore for a lack of trust and disgust with one another. There are not many people who have stopped to think about the consequences of their actions, before going forward into things that are not right.

We depend upon our self, cultures, upbringing, teachings, and belief systems rather than the totality of the Word of God. Integrity and honesty are costly and I would pay anything to see it somewhere, somehow in someone at any time someday. People are so blinded to people, places and things, that when that which is real presents itself to them, it is rejected as false, not real or unbelievable. “It’s too good to be true they say.” People need someone to look up to and unfortunately some are looking up to the wrong somebody. However, that someone is usually a misinformed, misguided and misled soul as themselves. There is NOT one mere man who has encompassed the full knowledge of EVERYTHING of and about God, life or themselves, including I. However, we may and can obtain it all from the One who knows all; who is the Omniscience, Almighty God. What better person there is than God to obtain the very things that are essential for the total and holistic well-being for all mankind. To be continued.

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