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A lot of times we are low in spirits believing that no one really cares or that things will never change or get better. We tend to give so much of ourselves only to get a minimal return if any. However, the Lord always has our best interest at heart and always wants us to excel and prosper in whatever we do or put our hands to. A lot of times the enemy love to make you feel as if the Lord has short changed or denied you a benefit or a blessing that you deserve, just because you do not see it yet. There is a waiting process for every situation even when standing in a line but knowing that your time is coming to get ahead or upfront. We have allowed our emotions to dictate to us the move of God when our emotions are dictated by our flesh/soulish man most of the time. It is God and never the people who we should depend on to prevent disappointments. A may be a delayed response, but it never means a denied solution, answer or blessing.

If you would just continue to trust and know God's word and what it says about your situation and life, it is just a matter of time for it to come to fruition. The Lord will not forsake, deny or forget neither you nor what He promised. Despite what is going on around you in the world it should NEVER affect you or move you from standing firm on the word of God. We are in the world but NOT of the world and that is why we need to be refreshed daily and ask the Holy Spirit to fill us and cleanse us from ALL things that tampers with our spirit, keeping it from remaining pure and right before God and man. We need our lights constant shining to be able to assist someone else out of darkness and despair.

Satan has many smoke screens and tactics that he uses to deter, make afraid, alters and make things appear to be real when in fact it is not. FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real. In the sight of God, it is His word that is real and true. It is your responsibility to embrace, desire and want the spirit of the Lord to not only indwell within you but to direct and lead your every step, as you follow Him. Know His voice and His flow so that the enemy cannot have you misguided and misled by his whims of unrighteousness and doubts because of misinformation. You are yet here for a purpose and you should always look up and look to the hills from whence comes your help and that help is always from your Daddy, Abba Father who genuinely cares.

I have come to realize that in the darkest time of life, that the light of God is right smack in the center of it all, but we fail to see it, for focusing on what we assume is greater, which is that problem or situation, which is the darkness; but your problems will NEVER supersede your promises made by the Lord to you (covenant). You must continue forward, remain focused, see NO failures, maintain your faith and continue looking up, for your Redeemer lives, He knows and draws nigh even when you do not see or feel it. I have never seen the righteous forsaken or his seed begging for bread (Psalms 37:25). The blessings of God will continue to flow to the faithful and obedient soul always. I am a living witness of it that God remains true to His word, no matter what, where, when or who. He is not like man that He should lie or deny you of anything good or desired by you. He is faithful and a promise keeper. Never allow trials and tribulations causes you to be afraid, doubt and unbelief especially when it comes to God’s promises, plans and divine purpose for your life. Always think the best outcome and that which lines up with the Word of God and may the blessings of the Lord make you rich and add no sorrow with it (Proverbs 10:12). Look up, Live it up and laugh about it all because it’s a joke when the enemy tries to attack you to have disbelief in your Father’s faithfulness.

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