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People need leaders, preachers, and teachers with integrity, but it is who we chose to lead us that is the revelation. Integrity breeds change for progression and the succession of prosperity by obtaining your purpose with God. You must always desire to have a mindset to do what is right always. Having integrity means having and living a lifestyle that exemplifies the epitome of who God truly is, as well as His desire for "US" to be. People lie like drinking water, like it is normal. They change more frequent then the seasons. They manipulate the senses and emotions of people as a mortician handling the organs in your body, as if you are dumb or dead. People will grin in your face while at the same time in their heart, launching hate missiles to destroy you and yours. What has caused such deprivation in our society other than Satan? The selfishness of men wanting the gratification of being stroked and satisfied with the mediocre pleasures of what the majority calls fun and good. Again, and they say, “it’s all good,” but it is not.

People play so many games with you until one would think your name was toys are you or you are gullible. I am so blood raw honest that one would consider me heartless, cold and mean? I guess that was the situation with Jesus as well, too truthful and oh so consistently real, causing Him His death but timely. We say please be honest and upfront with me and tell me the truth but when the truth is released it is rejected as wrong or hurtful. You ask your mate, honey do you love me, and they say yea I love you, you know I do but inwardly there is a real grimace that says otherwise; I want out. You ask a jealous friend how is your attire only to hear them tell you, you know you look good, only to mumble inwardly, child you look awful or I would never wear that.

Sometimes you lie to yourself, to survive the stress pressed upon you by this warped society of pleasure seekers. We need to be real with people and women need to "STOP" taking constructive criticism as jealousy, when it comes from a constructive and truthful sister, relative or friend. You should want the truth, at all cause. Stop being afraid of the truth and DO what you know is RIGHT to do, embracing it in its entirety. It is my desire to see the will of God manifest in the earth and in our lives in such an impeccable way that it can NOT be denied by anyone ever. The world will desire to be in our midst and remain, for the consistent love, peace and truth. People will see and know that there is a difference. The church will no longer need to pattern after the world to rise and grow. For the world will be in awe of God’s power working fervently in the Body of Christ.

Let your light so shine before MEN and in every aspect of life daily, and glorify God for the increase. Be genuine in your doings and actions toward self and others. Never allow yourself to cheat, deceive, lie or manipulate anyone at any time, for any reason. Let integrity rest, rule and abide in your heart always. There is a serious need for everyone to mantle themselves with the robe of righteousness and TRUTH. Integrity is not just an option but a MUST, for our lives, families and society to thrive and be maintained holistically. I don't know about you, but I need to see, know and find INTEGRITY somewhere, somehow in someone in my encounters someday, soon.

When "YOU" make the right decision to do what "YOU" know is right to do; then your stance will develop the domino affect around and with you and yours. Start impacting others to impact the world we live in. Stand out and up for what is RIGHT-NO MATTER WHAT!

Thank “YOU” for reading, hearing, listening and adhering to the principles.

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