A visitor came into our service on Sunday, June 21, 2009. He sat in the back and apparently had a heart attack. The ushers/gatekeeper thought that he was asleep but could not wake him up. There was no apparent breathing. His color was ashy and getting darker in color. His son who was with him, who took a piece of paper and rolled it around in his hand and was holding it to his dad's ear while they stood there. When the young boy did not get a response, he began to cry as if he knew something was terribly wrong.


The Apostle (Isaac) was in the pulpit while the visiting Prophetess Phillapa Jarvis from Greensville, SC was ministering to an Elder (Strachan). The gatekeeper (Evangelist Philon), beckoned for Apostle Isaac to no avail for she was engulfed with the service and worshipping God with the ministering of the Prophetess. The gatekeeper finally was able to tell the Apostle what was going on and she ( Apostle Isaac) immediately got the praying oil from the podium and ran to the audience where the gentlemen was sitting with Apostle Melody Peterson following after as well as Pastor Lucinda Brown. His head was slumped back on the pew and eyes shut. Apostle Denise Isaac shook him but there was no response.


She then rebuked the spirit of death and spoke life into his life. She put his son's right hand over the man's heart area as she prayed. She then removed his hand and she took both of her hands and hit him in his chest as if they were electric shockers and he came to a little, with a small breath and his stomach moved. She then took both of her hands and slapped his head very hard and he sat up first and then Apostle Isaac put her hands behind his back and pushed him to a standing postion while Apostle Peterson pulled him by the hand to the center of the aisle. Apostle Isaac then came and took him by the hands and walked him across the front of the church several times as he cried and praised God.


His skin color had a shine and glow to it and his son came and grabbed his legs and smiled, Glory Be unto Our God! Hallelujah! . He later testified that he had had some chest pains earlier and did not know what happened. He was given a bottle of water that was prayed over by Apostle Isaac and was told to drink it over the next 7 days, as she also placed her prayer shawl (tellit) around his shoulder until the end of the service. His name (Bro. Samuels) who lives in Naranja, Florida, thanked God for his life, as he embraced Apostle Isaac and cried on her shoulders, and we all rejoiced and gave God the glory for a miracle performed in our midst "again". He had come to the ministry before and Apostle Isaac had prayed for him for a surgery that he said that he had to get that next Monday morning but after prayer he did not need the surgery anymore. He came back and testified it before the church but we had not seen him for awhile until Sunday. Miracles are yet happening at "All That God Is". The church where "love" (agape) abides and "real" families resides.


Apostle Denise Isaac is a RN and she does flow with a strong gift of "healing" and discernment since she received Christ as Lord over her life. Her prayer oil has worked "many" miracles (cancer, seizures, brain tumors, sleep apnea, hypoglycemia, and the likes), when used.




I would like to thank God for bringing me to the ministry of All That God Is International Outreach Centers. When I came to the ministry I was suicidal, oppressed and depressed by the enemy. I did not know what was happening to me at the time. I had been saved for 3 years but wasn't set free. But I thank God for the church and the Apostle for all the prayer, support and teaching the Truth that sets me free. I once was lost but now I am found; I've learned real love and what it is like to have a true family.

~Deaconess Sherika Bateman



After the 4th month of attending All That God Is, under the leadership of Apostle Denise Isaac, God has been moving speedily in our lives. Not knowing it was in us, we began moving in our calling. God has used a true woman, Apostle Denise Isaac to reveal the spiritual things that were hidden inside of us, but by submission. Deliverance from alcohol and drugs took place. We became a closer family and we have peace in our household. She has also helped our marriage to line up with the Word of God. She has really been a true help in our lives, especially the children, teaching them the right way a true child of God should live in every area of their (our) lives. We love her and ask God to continue to strengthen her and empower her with the Words of God.

~Min. Arnold Collier & Family




Prior to becoming a member of All That God Is Ministries, I was bonded with drugs. The devil had me thinking that I wasn't good enough for God to love me. When I came to the ministry, the truth was imparted in me and I have been drug free for 3 1/2 years.

~Sister Artonia Ferguson




I always looked at "Pressure" as being a negative word. After meeting with Apostle Denise Isaac in 2006, I gave the word pressure a positive meaning. Although faith was something I could not see, she said I had to believe and accept it. I knew God lived in me. After spending almost 3 weeks in the hospital, my body had a dependency for pain medication. The devil knew my weakness for medication. Apostle Denise Isaac gave me clear understanding to the word of God. I realized that my way had no solution so I had to press my way and give it all to God. I am blessed to say that 13 bottles of medication has decreased to 2 bottles.

~Sister A. Mitchell



My Daughter Diamond Leath was born with brain cancer. Two years ago I brought my daughter Diamond to All That God Is Int'l and Apostle Denise P. Isaac picked up in the Spirit that someone in the midst had a brain tumor. Apostle took my daughter out of the line, put her hand on her head and prayed and my daughter was healed. The nest two days I took my daughter to her MRI, she took the test and the test came back showing that she didn't have any tumor in her head. Diamond talks about God all day. I first thank my Lord for sending Apostle Denise P. Isaac to heal my daughter Diamond Leath through the laying on of her powerful hand!! I thank you God!~Evangelist Demetrius S. Leath





In 1994 I was diagnosed with Turner Syndrome which is a condition that causes a stunt in growth, problems with the internal organs, liver, heart, lungs, mind, and other problems of the body. I was taking 3 different medications from 1994-2000. When I came to All That God Is I learned about faith and how to stand on faith, I received prayer from Apostle Isaac and then my miracle began to unfold. I stopped taking all of the medications that I was taking and today don't swallow any pills except they are vitamins. I was also wearing glasses when I came to the ministry and I received prayer from Apostle one Sunday and I received my miracle and haven't had to wear glasses since. I was also told that because of the condition that I was diagnosed with that I would have a difficult time with school and maybe not even finish school. I thank God that I was able to complete school and receive my high school diploma because of all the help and encouragement from Apostle Isaac and the ministry. I can truly say that my life has been completely changed because of Apostle and the ministry and I will always be grateful to God for Apostle and All That God Is. My mind is clearer, my body is healed and my sight is good.

~Min. Krystal S.



Upon coming to the ministry I had been diagnosed with many inabilities such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, panic disorders, a partial fused spine, fibromyaligia (chronic pain), lactose intolerance, hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), and severe muscle spasms. I wore glasses in fact 2 pair, 1 for reading and 1 for long distance. I had to be constantly medicated and the pain was so great that I had to have a wheel chair, in fact I had 5. I had a walker and an array of other health aides to help with what was my everyday life. When I came to the ministry, Apostle Isaac prayed for me and I received the prayer and God had totally healed my body. I noticed that I didn't need to take the medications any longer. I was on so much medication that it would take a while to name them all. I am not on any medications, not even aspirin or Tylenol. I thank God for my miracle.

~L. Strachan



In the year of 1991 the doctor diagnosed me with hypoglycemia. This affliction causes you to faint and get nausea. When you don't eat for a period of time it brings on many symptoms like headaches and dizziness, and even the nerves in my body would just lose control. For so many years I had to make sure when I went places that I would not wait too long before eating something. The spirit of this affliction didn't want me to fast or even go on long consecrations. The last episode that occurred was the last day of the month of the prophets; in May, I believe in 2003 or 2004. I went to Apostle Isaac's house to handle some business and while there I felt the reaction coming on, saints this time I really felt like I was leaving here, but Apostle Isaac prayed, she began to talk to me and talk to the spirit. Since then it tried to revisit again but God through Apostle's prayers and casting the spirit out, I am healed. It is also through continuously being faithful to God yielding to God's divine will to let go and let God. Had I not accepted the call to be here at All That God Is there is no telling where I would be. I personally know I would not have been in God's divine will. Praise unto God and true worship is what the enemy definitely doesn't like. When I first moved down south Apostle filled my refrigerator with food. When I didn't have transportation she gave me her car. Many times she would counsel and give me advice and she poured out so much wisdom, the enemy didn't want me to understand and he didn't want me to hear sound doctrine. But Apostle Isaac kept on hanging in there for me, she always tries in her best interest to help me in getting out there also to sing, pushing me, she would say something along these lines, go head daughter you can do it. Apostle Isaac has prayed for so many things in my life concerning me and my family. Apostle Isaac has so much Love; she has always been there to see to it that everything goes well in my life spiritually, physically, and financially. When you see Apostle Isaac you do see the Truth of God.Elder ~C. Danzy




I was diagnosed with a combination of seizures and sleep apnea in 2001 while in high school. I would pass out and by the grace of God, my mother, Apostle Denise Isaac, would find me unconscious on the floor and with vomit over my face, of which none of this I remembered. When I would come to (awaken), I would come back exhausted trying to get my bearings, and once being told that I was not breathing and had no pulse, and having my mom to pray for me to recover (which I did). I had an episode at a friend's house another time and my husband, friend, her mom and my cousin all attempted to revive me to no avail and my mom had to be called on the phone. They apparently put the phone to my ear and I heard a voice and she rebuked the spirit of death and I came to. Thank God I have not had another one of these attacks since. I never took the medications prescribed and I did finish high school with my class, which I was told that I would not march or get my diploma. My mom told the principal, assistant principal and other school staff that she did not receive that report and that the devil was a liar and had no hold on my life and future. I give God the praise for the victory and my life.

~Pastor L. Isaac-Brown




July 2013

Was having some severe pains in my legs, knees and body and when Apostle Denise laid her hands on me, the pain immediately left my body. I thank God for her prayers and teaching of faith

~Sis. T. Jordan

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